Turn your Love of Yoga into a Purposeful Life of Lifting Others Up

CHAKRANANDA Costa Rica 200 Hour~Yoga Teacher Training

Immerse yourself in yoga at the gorgeous & world-renowned Blue Spirit Retreat Center for 2 full weeks (+ 60 days of virtual mentoring) for a transformational experience.

If you've been wanting to take your practice further, and in the process become certified as a Yoga Alliance Teacher studying Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini Yoga with focus on the chakras, this in-depth training is for you. 

Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self.”~ The Bhagavat Gita

What to Expect

Included in this experience ...

*14 nights stay in magical Costa Rica

*3 Daily Delicious chef prepared meals to suit any dietary need

*All classes and instruction with expert instructors and trainers

*Choice of one excursion either on land or in water

*Certification as a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance approved teacher

*Costa Rica Taxes

*30 Days of Mentoring prior to immersion to jumpstart learning and 30 Days of Mentoring post-retreat to assist your journey of teaching (virtually as a group)

*Water, Teas, Juices, and Coffee served throughout the day

*Pool Access

*Wifi-for use during breaks or to share your experience on social media

Each day begins with meditation & pranayama practice (6 am) then leads into asana, followed by specific workshops based on the topics we're covering such as; energy (chakra) anatomy & the subtle body, finding your voice as a teacher, sequencing, mantra, yoga philosophy & background, anatomy & physiology, and teaching methodology . We end with evening sessions that are focused on calming the nervous system to sleep well & awaken renewed while in training (8 pm)

~Pricing Dependent on Room Selection~See below In Room Options Section~

Why Yoga Teacher Training?

  • Teachers make a positive impact on others' lives and have flexibility to teach in a way that is best suited for their lifestyle
  • Practice, meditation, philosophy, and theory are studied in-depth to have a clear understanding of the yoga system
  • Time spent in training gives students a way to fully immerse themselves in practice for full yogic benefit without distractions
  • Yoga is becoming one of the most studied and recommended alternative healing & complementary medicine practices due to the array of benefits
  • Certification opens up opportunities to focus on specific teaching styles and demographics that are most fulfilling to you
  • Having the background as a Yoga Teacher compliments many other types of professions to increase credibility 
  • Yoga is a proven way to decrease stress, improve mental health, lower physical pain, and increase self-awareness

Why chakrananda yoga certification?

I have been practicing yoga for over 22 years and teaching for the past 15 in a way that gives students knowledge and understanding of themselves through the chakra system. What I've found is that our chakras are related to almost all our emotional, physical, and mental states so when we are working through them to be in balance, the rest of our life is as well. ChakrAnanda...

  • Incorporates yoga specific practices of asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, and relaxation with focus on chakras for deeper level energetic alignment.
  • Is about bringing the entire human system into a state of Bliss (Ananda) through one or a combination of yoga practice elements
  • Works on balancing all 8 main chakras (7 + the Auric Field) for a sense of healing and empowerment
  • Goes beyond just asana practice for a deeper understanding of how our past affects us, being present through the body, and having high self-awareness to create a more balanced lifestyle
  • Is easy to understand and gives students greater knowledge as Certified Yoga Teachers to share with students in their own unique way
  • Training is an upbeat and in-depth time spent together that is both sacred and celebratory, in other words, boring is not my jam
  • Teaching style that can be as gentle or as challenging as you like to accommodate and appeal to all levels of practitioners
  • Self-discovery journey that gives students a better understanding of who they are, their emotional and energetic connection, and the physical aspects of themselves in relation to their spiritual body. 
  • A flow style that leaves the body, mind, and spirit in balance to feel both uplifted and at peace
  • Expert teachers guiding you through the process with over 40 years of combined practice and 30 years of teaching yoga

What Others Say


ChakrAnanda is so unique and encompasses a variety of yoga styles that leaves you feeling strong, centered, and empowered. Lakshmi Dev helps you work through the chakras in a way that is healing and opens you in a way that I've never felt so energetically in alignment. It's as if my energy flows beautifully as I work out what needs released and come into a feeling of bliss. It's easy to follow, simple to modify, and brings me into a true state of unconditional self-acceptance that I've not experienced in any other yoga class. 

Torey Hayden 



Lakshmi Dev’s ChakrAnanada yoga is AMAZING. There’s such a beautiful combination of the spiritual side of yoga like the breath-work, chakra alignment, and mantra but then also the practical physical practice of yoga that leads to such great self-awareness leading to feeling both grounded and expanded.  I highly recommend any of her yoga classes or teacher training because you will get such a well rounded powerful emotional, spiritual, and physical practice that you'll absolutely leave transformed or be the teacher that helps others transform.

Emyrald Sinclaire 
Yoga Teacher & Manifesting Mentor


ChakrAnanda is my absolute favorite style of yoga to practice and Lakshmi Dev my favorite teacher, of the hundreds of classes & dozens of instructors I've experienced in the past 20 years. Thanks to her intimate knowledge of the Chakra system throughout the flow, you leave class feeling empowered, inspired, and connected, and just plain happy. Lakshmi Dev's classes are the perfect balance fo laughing, learning, feeling the benefits of yoga, being invigorated and having FUN. Her teaching is truly a gift and I'm grateful for the expansion she has brought into my life.

Kristin Carpenter 
Yoga Practitioner & Entrepreneur

Lakshmi Dev Bowen

I have been teaching yoga for 15 years and the journey that started as curiosity of a way for physical health, has become my life love. When I began practicing yoga over 20 years ago, I was in a tough place with body acceptance and was also seeking spiritual connection. What I didn't know, was that yoga would change my life forever with helping me overcome mental struggles, heal a painful past, and find my voice again while uplifting others and giving me amazing opportunities in the process. Your journey may look very different than mine,  but if you are passionate about healing arts, ChakrAnanda Yoga Teacher Training is the perfect way to begin teaching and/or dive deep into a beautiful and transformative yoga immersion. ~ E-RYT 200 HR, HATHA, VINYASA & KUNDALINI YOGA INSTRUCTOR, REIKI MASTER, EMPOWERMENT MENTOR 

​Meet the ​

Kali Kennedy- Devotional School of yoga- E-RYT-200 hr
 2nd Lead InsTRuctor for CHakrananda

Kali is a dedicated yogi and teacher of 10 years who runs Yoga Teacher Trainings and classes all over the world. She loves the practice and has fully immersed herself into studying and sharing more of yoga philosophy in an easy to understand way. Her classes are alignment and philosophy focused and leave students feeling more connected and balanced. Her love for the practice of yoga follows her passion for happiness to all humans and accessibility through yoga as a tool for healing and joy. 

top rated retreat center with staff who care, for a supportive training environment

You'll be staying at a gorgeous retreat center overlooking the Pacific ocean in the Guanacaste region of Nosara, Costa Rica. The property is a part of nature sitting on top of a hill and part of a protected turtle preserve. The food is chef made and delicious, the grounds are immaculate, the service of rooms and housekeeping are pristine, and the energy of the space is magical with monkeys, birds, and beautiful butterflies always in sight. The studios to learn and practice in are beautiful and the staff is so attentive, you'll feel as if you're "home" but without having to do anything other than immerse yourself in training and be taken care of.

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